Depth & Current – Transient (AC30)

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depth-and-currentIf you’ve got 8 minutes to spare – and lets face it, you probably have – then you could do a lot worse than heading on over to check out the new Depth & Current release.

8 Songs in 8 minutes, and each one a minor Goth classic. Well, I suppose it’s Darkwave with a hint of Shoegaze, but frankly these songs are so immediate and short that there’s no time for inspecting the state of your loafers.
Like a super-edited A Place To Bury Strangers, or an insanely noisy Sisters Of Mercy you can’t go far wrong with this. The PR claims Transient to be a record for today’s modern attention span, but that’s not entirely true. Whilst each song lasts barely a minute, they quickly establish themselves as perfectly formed nuggets of noise, and drill their way into the skull. If the attention wanders whilst Transient plays itself out, then it’s possible Ritalin might be an option. As far as the band goes, the stripping back to basics, and trimming away all the fat of each song means that this is an immediate and thrilling blast and says more about their ability to write good songs without over thinking it. It’s available on a ltd frosted 7″ too.  I’d write more, but I can’t be bot…..


  • This is very interesting. I like the songs a lot. As you say there's a SoM vibe going on there and in a couple of the early tracks I get a bit of Ian Curtis. exes and ohs I particularly like. Garage Goth methinks …

  • I like the idea of a Goth Garage. The only work on hearses (at night), and all their air fresheners smell of patchouli.

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