Sewer Rats – Mother Acid EP (Warren Records)

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sewer-ratsGrunge eh? It’s been 22 years since Kurt effectively put an end to it all, which is just enough time to allow a resurgence in a new wave of Grunge bands to appear without it seeming wildly nostalgic. Sewer Rats look young enough to have been conceived at, or just after shows by Nirvana, Babes In Toyland, TAD, Hole, Melvins, or Pearl Jam. Assuming their folks were into that kind of thing.

They’ve been quite canny in side stepping the more mainstream aspects of what Grunge became. Moth eaten, cardigan wrapped acoustic ballads played meaningfully at the apple of your eye back in 1994 might have allowed you to spawn your own little grunge offspring, and these days it might allow you to provide the music for a breathily sung John Lewis ad, but Grunge was at its most exciting when it was all about sweaty clubs, white hot heat and busted circuitry.

Tapping into the source of Grunge and draining it expertly, Sewer Rats are a bunch of healthy students. It’s possible to hear early TAD, the 60s psychedelia of Mudhoney and the Sabbathy fizz of Bleach era Nirvana across this EP, but the dirty, grimy edge that infuses the likes of MXE or Mary Stole The Sun has more in common with Fudge Tunnel’s filth explosion Hate Songs In E Minor.

I’d suggest putting the plaid shirt back on, but for some of us. It never came off.

You can pre-order Mother Acid here…It’s out on November 25th and have a listen to their old stuff below.

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