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venn2A couple of years ago I had the delight of meeting Peter Hook at a festival. A friend of mine had been running a signing session for the old New Order bloke, but hadn’t managed to get a signed something for himself. After negotiating with Hooky’s handler, a bloke from Manchester apparently obsessed with counting marker pens, a quick signing and photoshoot was organised at Hooky’s tour bus.

Five minutes later, we’re greeted by the sight of Peter Hook in his grundies (thankfully still fairly tidy), desperately trying to pull his leather trousers on in the back of his tour van. Up close, he looks like he’s been created by Aardman and it wouldn’t be unexpected if he’d not only do a photoshoot and signing but also give up the leather trousers and the tour bus for an undisclosed quantity of quality cheese (Gromit).

Anyway, the point is that one of the key figures of the New Wave is now struggling against his trousers and hitting middle age. Hooky’s still in relatively fine fettle, but something a little fresher wouldn’t go amiss.

Step forward VENN. Real Blood taps into the New Wave aesthetic and gives it a real shot in the arm. Coupling the chilled industrial tones of early New Wave and fusing them to an emotive human core, Real Blood is a genuinely thrilling opening gambit.

The Digital only single is available on January 20th 2017, and the band’s album, Runes will be out on March 3rd on Full Time Hobby.

Have a watch of the video below:

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