Bruising – Rest In Peace Kurt Donald Cobain (1967-1994)


bruisingIgnore the title. Yes it mentions Kurt, but there’s not much more to it than that. It’s an in-joke that the band used when writing their early material, and thankfully the song itself doesn’t worship under a bridge or tie itself up in knots trying to pay homage. Not to Nirvana anyway.

It is however, a wonderfully dreamy slab of indie-pop that calls to mind The Breeders or Tiny Monroe (I loved that band). It’s all kinds of beautiful, and just a little bit sad too. It’s tempting to say that they don’t make them like this anymore, but clearly, they do. Thank fuck for They, and in this case, Bruising. The band is aware that this song sounds a bit like a load of other bands, which is how it ended up with this title, going from Ripped (as in ripped off) to this, its final convoluted resting place.

You can have a listen yourself below – but should you want to get hold of an actual physical copy, it’s the b-side of Brusing’s new single I Don’t Mind, which is out on Beech Coma on 2nd December. You can pre-order that here.

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