Cannibal Animal – Grand Theft Manual (Video)

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cannibal-animalsThe terms psych and punk shouldn’t really be possible to apply to a band, both genre strands having an ethos so distinct and polar opposite that never the twain and all that. A healthy disrespect of such concepts, genre boundaries and rules is never a bad thing, in fact it should be encouraged. Cannibal Animal seem quite happy to mix up whatever they can think of, create a thick brown paste that you probably wouldn’t want to taste, and throw it all over the walls in a form of sonic dirty protest.

Grand Theft Manual is taken from their debut EP Human Manuals (out on Warren Records) and is a feral chunk of metallic scree. There might be a hint of no-wave in there, but they’ve not forgotten that sometimes it helps to have a tune to tether things down to in the midst of a storm. Forget genre boundaries and embrace the chaos, because the idea that “Garage Doom Punk” might actually be a genre is too much to comprehend.

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