Lift To Experience re-mix and re-issue The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads


A classic upon its release, Lift To Experience’s The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads has been viewed as pretty much perfect by those who have fallen in love with it in the years since it first appeared back in 2001.

As it turns out, it is possible to improve on perfection. Josh T Pearson claims that after the remixing process, the album has its balls back. Presumably they’re not shrunken into raisins after all these years on the shelf. You’ll have a chance to find out how this new and improved version sounds on 3rd February when Mute put out a double vinyl, special fold-out crucifix cd version (presumably without a Jesus attachment) and box-set that includes the band’s first EP and their celebrated Peel Session.

Have a listen to what These Are The Days sounds like now:

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