Pulled Apart By Horses – New album on the way, get lost in The Haze

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Album number 4 from Pulled Apart By Horses is clippity-clopping over the horizon and into sight. The Haze will be with us on 17th March, and on the evidence of the title track, they’re on fire at the moment. Not that they’ve ever not been anything other than red-hot, obviously.

This time around they’ve got a new drummer in tow, the heavy hitting Tommy Davidson (formerly of These Monsters), and he certainly makes his presence felt. Along with a new drummer, the band took to trying new surroundings to influence them and in retreating to a cottage in the country, the album appears to have been recorded in Withnailesque holiday conditions.

According to guitarist James Brown, “there was no internet, no emails, no-one checking how we were getting on. We were writing for no-one but ourselves. We became like a little family – cooking for one another, building fires, holding late-night karaoke competitions – and completely immersed ourselves in the music.” Presumably a horny thespian didn’t turn up half way through the sessions, but who knows.

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