Aaron Keylock – Spin The Bottle (Video)

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When someone is described as a teenage guitar prodigy, it’s usually time to hide until the endless soloing and self-indulgence has gone away.

Aaron Keylock might well be a bit nifty as a guitarist, but he’s not overly showy, thank god. His latest video sees him in the studio running through Spin The Bottle. Ordinarily teenagers spinning bottles ends up with unfortunate fumbles in an understairs cupboard for a couple of minutes. Teenagers still do that don’t they? It’s been a while. Keylock’s take on the Blues is considerably more mature than such things, and here he’s channelling the likes of Led Zep and early Black Crowes. Although he is missing out on stuff that’ll make for awesome and embarrassing tales later on. Just saying. It’s character building.

Take a chance, spin the bottle and see what you think (click the do-dad).

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