New Chelsea Wolfe Song – Vex

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Taken from Chelsea Wolfe’s forthcoming album Hiss Spun – out on Sargent House, 22 September – Vex features the growling presence of Aaron Turner (SUMAC). Yet despite his guest turn here being an impressive and oppressive presence, it’s the alluring and wistful Chelsea Wolfe who rises to the top. Her delicate, spectral presence should be in danger of being crushed beneath the weight of Turner’s vocals and the bone crushing riffing and yet some how she rises above it.

This ties in with Wolfe’s own explanation of the song:

“Every day, at dawn and dusk, a mysterious hum resounds in the deep sea for about an hour. The source of this hum is unknown, but it may be a kind of instinctual guide to the creatures who live in those dark depths, to rise and feed, surviving another day. I follow my own hum, pushing forward despite anxieties, nightmares, and scavengers that try to pull me down into their depths. I also acknowledge my own fragility in contrast to my own strength and anger.”

There are equal amounts of fragility and anger on Vex making it an emotionally resonant song. If the rest of Hiss Spun hits these heights, we’re in for a real treat come September.

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